MOBILE MENTAL HEALTH: Apps to Support Well-being

Mobile mental health

In a world increasingly tied to technology, where people often have more contact with mobile devices than they do with family members, it’s nice to be reminded that these seemingly indispensable gadgets can actually help us do things like manage our health. It seems there is a new app every minute, and in fact, according to iTunes, an average of over 30,000 new apps were submitted each month throughout 2014. While some apps are strictly intended to be entertainment, others can be valuable tools that truly do improve lives.

Apps for mental health screening, tracking mood, and connecting with providers for online therapy sessions can be beneficial first steps for individuals who fear the stigma that can be associated with seeking mental health care or are not comfortable having in-person therapy sessions. These types of apps are also helpful to those who may require additional help between sessions. It is generally agreed that mental health apps work best when used in tandem with the care of a behavioral healthcare provider. Below are a few good examples.

What’s my M3?

M3 is a three-minute test that checks for depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. This app provides you with a free, confidential score that can help you and your mental health provider assess and monitor your mental health over time. Scores help mental health providers develop treatments plans tailored for you.


The Optimism Mental Health app help users remain in good health by developing and monitoring customized strategies for working on the various triggers that affect mental health. Optimism generates a wellness plan which is regularly updated with new data, as well as feedback in the form of charts and reports that help users increase self-understanding.

Mood 24/7

Mood 24/7 is a confidential app that sends users between 1 and 10  text messages each day asking them questions about mood. The responses are compiled to create charts that can be used to assess overall mood. These charts can be printed and shared with doctors, family, and behavioral health professionals.


Brands itself as mobile mental health for depression. It assesses and tracks depression using a standardized depression assessment. The app then tracks daily moods to build a mood history graph. Tasks are provided to lift mood and follow up communication is provided, with the goal of improving outcomes for users.


Talkspace boasts over 100,000 users working with more than 200 licensed therapists. The tool provides online therapeutic conversations that typically cost about 80% less than face-to-face therapy. One of the key benefits to this kind of therapy is the fact that it is 100% confidential and can also be completely anonymous, making it a stigma-free way for individuals who may not otherwise seek treatment to talk with a professional.


This app provides assessment which is designed to help users create their own wellness plans. It further gives users daily exercises, and professional coaching based on cognitive behavioral therapy, designed to promote emotional well-being.

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is an anonymous, free, online community available 24/7 where people who feel anxious or down can meet to support one another. Sharing on the site is guided by trained professionals. Self-assessments are also provided on the site.


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