The Generational Divide: Millennials and Mental Health Issues


Mental Illness has carried with it various stigmas for decades. Those who are affected are often seen as “crazy” or “spiritually lost”. These stigmas have created an environment of embarrassment for those who suffer from mental health issues, and have shied them away from seeking proper care.

Millennials have taken on the task of changing the way we, as a society, look at mental illnesses by breaking down the stigma and opening up the floor for a conversation about mental health issues and how they affect our day-to-day lives.

Millennials are more willing to publically address issues of mental health, though they are least likely to seek help, or know where to go for mental health resources. Millennials, surveyed for a multimedia project called “Matters of the Mind”, stated the main reason they don’t seek help for their mental health issues is the cost of care.

Millennials are realizing that they are overstressed, overworked, and underpaid, and it’s because of that, and the fact that cost of care is not affordable that some Millennials find it difficult to take proper care of themselves when it comes to their mental health.

However, Millennials are finding unique, cost-effective ways to manage their stress, which aids in good mental health. Things, like choosing healthier food options, and exercising regularly, are just a few ways that Millennials, and those around them, are taking control over their mental wellness.

Millennials hope that by opening the floor for conversation, and breaking down the stigma that mental illness holds, that society will begin to treat mental health like it’s just as important as physical health, and by extension begin to make care for all more accessible and more affordable.



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