Taking on Spring Cleaning


Once a year, people across the country participate in the centuries-long tradition of spring cleaning. Houses are turned upside down and purged of all of the junk, dirt, dust, and germs that have accumulated over the past year, especially during the winter months. While this task can be a great way to jump-start the new season, it can also be a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help you tackle your spring cleaning this year.

Create a checklist
Checklists are a great way to keep track of everything that needs to get done during your spring cleaning. Breaking lists into rooms, types of tasks, or time duration will help you stay organized and not get overwhelmed with all of the things that need to get done.

Take on one room at a time

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to take place in one day, and realistically should not. Taking on one room at a time helps ensure that each room is cleaned, decluttered, and organized thoroughly. Make a schedule, and tackle one room per day, or per weekend, and you’ll be done with your spring cleaning in no time.

Follow a cleaning challenge

Websites, like Pinterest, have tons of “Cleaning Challenges” that you can follow if you’re having trouble creating your own schedule. Find a challenge that fits your cleaning needs and availability, and you’ll fly through your spring cleaning tasks.

Clean with friends  

It’s always great to have an accountability partner to help keep you motivated and on track with your spring cleaning tasks. Gather your friends and family, and work together to get through your tasks list, or challenge them to see who can finish first.
Spring Cleaning is not just beneficial for your home, but also for your mental wellness. Summer/Fall months can be hectic, but knowing that you have a clean, decluttered, and organized home as a base can ease some of that stress.



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