Taking Care of the Team: Mental Wellness in the Workplace

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The employees of an organization are the ones who keep it afloat. The way an employee acts, thinks, feels, etc. can affect everything from job performance to overall focus in the workplace. In today’s workforces, there is an influx of employees experiencing a mental illness. 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. ( approximately 43.9 million people) will experience a mental illness every year, and approximately 85% of employees’ mental illnesses go undiagnosed or untreated. Because of this, job performance is suffering and organizations are beginning to take action.

Companies have begun implementing various programs that foster mental wellness such as walking clubs,  counseling services, and mental wellness/self-care days (days off for when someone needs to take care of their mental health). Since implementing these kinds of programs, many companies have seen an increase in productivity and employee morale.

If you are looking for ways to make your organization a place where employees feel safe and supported when dealing with mental illnesses, there are several ways to create a mental wellness supportive environment:


Create Awareness

One reason so many mental illnesses go undiagnosed and untreated is a lack of education and awareness. Mental illnesses affect everyone differently, but there are telltale signs of each disorder. Having information available on various conditions and symptoms can help employees feel empowered to seek help if needed.

Promote Healthy Work-Life Balance

People with high-stress levels are more likely to develop mental health conditions than their counterparts. Encouraging employees to take regularly scheduled breaks to do things they enjoy can help keep stress levels down and help promote a healthy mental state. Promoting the use of vacation time is another great way to motivate employees to take time away.

Host Stress Relief Activities for your Employees

The average full-time employee works 2,087 hours per year, and most either take work home with them or are thinking about work once they leave the office. Providing stress relief activities in the workplace not only fosters a healthy work environment and boosts the company’s culture. It also empowers hard-working employees to actively pursue mental wellness.

Pay Attention

Employees reflect the attitudes and values of the company. If they are cracking under pressure, the whole company is impacted. It’s helpful to teach employees about warning signs to look out for, but it is also helpful to teach everyone in the organization, especially the management team, to look for warning signs and to step up and step in if they notice unhealthy behaviors.

















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