Depression Screening: Diagnosis is the First Step

Depression Screening

There are a number of free online mental health screening tools available to help diagnose common conditions. BHPI has a Depressive Symptoms Screening Tool and other resources for mental wellness available on our website.

Often, these tests are a simple and efficient way to determine whether one has symptoms consistent with a mental health condition. The tests are not meant to replace the diagnosis of a professional, however, they can help an individual suffering from feelings of hopelessness or pervasive sadness start to see that what they are dealing with may be a serious mental health condition that can be treated.  The tests consist of a number of questions, that, when answered honestly and accurately, can help mental health professionals determine whether an individual has symptoms of mental illness. After reviewing test results and discussing them with the individual, a mental health practitioner can provide the patient with additional resources and information and they can discuss mental healthcare options.

Depression Screening 2017


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