BHPI DEPARTMENT SPOTLIGHT: The Provider Relations Team

The Provider Relations Team at BHPI.
The Provider Relations Team at BHPI. Pictured (L to R): Lynn Bell-Davis; Leisa ReVels Parham, MA, HIA; Marisol Quesada; and Sherrie Flowers

The Provider Relations Team at BHPI epitomizes excellent customer service. The Representatives on this team are the first point of contact for the providers in our networks and assist with myriad questions and concerns, developing strong positive relationships along the way. Representatives make the issues and concerns of the providers a priority. They are actively engaged with all departments in the organization, interfacing with every function and are therefore uniquely positioned to serve as liaisons to our providers and the community. The Provider Relations Team demonstrates excellent customer service by practicing active listening, showing empathy, and following up with customers.

Marisol Quesada, Provider Relations Representative, says that active listening in one of the most crucial skills she uses to provide excellent customer service. “A lot of times providers feel like people don’t listen to them. Active listening is about showing that you care about what they are saying…just giving them an outlet means a lot,” says Quesada.

The importance of showing empathy when it comes to providing excellent customer service is what Lynn Bell-Davis, Provider Relations Representative, feels is key to building relationships. She says “Understanding is demonstrated by showing empathy, treating others the way you’d like to be treated, apologizing when someone has been inconvenienced and reassuring your customers/clients that you are there to help.”

Following up with your customers is another way to show excellent customer service. Provider Relations Representative, Sherrie Flowers, speaks on the importance of follow up. She says “Communicating the right information or as much information as possible and follow-up is key.  If a provider calls me for assistance, I must follow up to let them know that their issue has been resolved, or that it has been forwarded to the appropriate person.”

The Provider Relations team goes above and beyond to show they truly care about the providers’ experience. From walking providers, step-by-step, through filling out forms and registering for training sessions, to finding outside resources to help providers expand their skill set; the team makes it their mission to ensure that the providers have all of the information and resources necessary to be successful.

The Director of the Provider Relations Department, Leisa ReVels Parham, MA, HIA, says “I encourage my team to engage with providers regularly and with purpose. We work diligently to ensure each level of provider engagement has meaning and promotes the confidence providers need to do what they do best every day. Each member of the Provider Relations team is empowered to direct providers to the resources, training, tools, and information they require. The Provider Relations Representative acts as a liaison between the provider and our internal partners, working to get problem resolution and to provide direction based on our current standards and policies.”

Because the Provider Relations Representatives are the primary point of contact for providers within BHPI’s networks,  they work diligently to develop proactive strategies for growth and retention through skillful communication and by demonstrating the customer service strategies mentioned above. The Provider Relations Team strives to understand the challenges, capacity, and needs of providers. To be a better resource, representatives put the interests and concerns of the providers first, and work as advocates.  


About Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc.:

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, BHPI is a Managed Behavioral Health Organization offering behavioral health services through a fully integrated network of world-class healthcare providers.  Our emphasis is on adding value for our customers by offering expert behavioral care management, medical coordination, chronic behavioral condition management. We are a fully accredited NCQA Managed Behavioral Health Organization (MBHO) & CARF Behavioral Health Business Network. BHPI offers collaborative solutions by building strong partnerships with health plans, health systems, community mental health organizations, and employer groups.   

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